Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Quickie

As you can see from the title, I shall just be popping in for a quick update this week. I have 101 things to do before this next week starts tomorrow morning. There's also a delicious curry being cooked for me which I have to attend to at 7 tonight. That may be my motivation...

This week included finding an amazing bookshop just up the road from where I live, welcoming back friends, hanging with the regulars, house parties, arguing over which movie to watch, eating Chinese, cycling until my bum was numb and bopping about Roadhouse. A lazy week with the camera was had so I don't have too many exciting things to show other than an adventure to the botanical garden with Hanne and Nalisha and our pretty rented bikes on Saturday. We cycled about 6 miles in total according to Google Maps. Needless to say I can feel it today...

I've made two goals in terms of my blog this week. The first short-term one being I will write one during the week next week and the second one is more long term. I want to be able to write a whole blog post in Spanish without using a dictionary/my grammar bible by the end of my ERASMUS. I might even do a few times! 

Ciao for now :)


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