Tuesday, 19 February 2013

''Cádiz Be Any More Fun?''

After a big long stupid/oneofthemoststressfulweeksofmylife week, I had a most superb day/mostly night in Cádiz. Rose, Chelsey, Jeanne and I along with a bunch of our other ERASMUS buds, hopped on a bus on Saturday to experience the partay that is Carnaval. It was one of the best parties I've ever been to because:

*Fairy crowns
*There was glitter everywhere...ERASMUS LADs love glitter
*Where we were dropped off and collected by the bus looked like the set of Transformers
*Outside of a cathedral was an acceptable place to smoke and drink some dranks
*Vodka, rum and red wine
*Friendly people EVERYWHERE
*Street performers
*People in suits with matching hats and pouches
*People in suits with matching hats and pouches getting with your friend
*Bongo Boys
*Plastic surgeons 
*Chips that look like The Simpsons

Proper update soon :)



Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hi from HiLarios

I'm currently sitting in the living room of my new apartment with dear Rose, listening to Laura Marling and commenting on how the actors that play Helena and Titania look alike in the 1999 movie adaption of A Midsummer's Night Dream. We have exams at the moment so time is taken up by revising and endless cups of tea. The time is 19:26 and at 20:10 we will leave to pay two ERASMUS keenos a sum of money to take us to Cádiz next weekend for the Carnaval. Earlier today I booked a flight to the south of France to see Beyoncé being a real person, singing and dancing away on stage, whilst myself and my friend, Chelsey, jive  to many a tune. Ireland lost to England in the rugby which I am pretty disappointed about since I was surrounded by English gals for the afternoon. Feeling proud of the Irish boys that donned their patriotic attire for the occasion. Helen has just come home and is telling us about a tearoom that she has just been to and that we should definitely visit. It has got tables hanging from chains and candles in bottles, which are amongst my favourite things. I've made spaghetti and pesto about an hour ago, but am feeling hungry again. It's the 10th of February and I've been back in Málaga one month and three days. 

Just a hi from HiLarios. 



Saturday, 2 February 2013

Maia Bergman

I came across Maia Bergman's designs two days ago when looking through my YouTube subscriptions. H&M uploaded a video of her explaining and showcasing her designs as the UK finalist of the H&M Design Award 2013. Hailing from Argentina, Bergman graduated from Central Saint Martins, London, last year. She describes herself as a feminine designer taking inspiration from the movie Clueless and setting the goal of having a wearable collection. 

I.am.in.love. Patterns in repetition along with a uniform structure make any of these pieces an ideal outfit for any girl's weekend. The beading is absolutely beautiful, delicate and flattering with the sheerness of the fabric used as the foundation to the pieces. Blues, yellows, greens and pinks remind me of the freshness of spring/summer. I also get a kind of mermaid feel from the line with the beads looking like fragile pebbles from under the sea. I adore anything mermaid-like so it's a massive thumbs up from me. Maia Bergman, I salute you!

Hasta pronto,


(All photography from 1granary)