Friday, 31 May 2013

The Three Sisters

There are two bands of late that I am really loving. It just so happens that both bands are made up of three sisters, and a trio of sisters is one of the coolest things to be a part of. This one is to my sisters, Aoife and Aisling. Good luck in the Leaving Cert and I'll be seeing ye soon ye divils.


The Staves

All my love,



Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Chat

I think it's time to have the chat about the final few weeks of ERASMUS. It really only hit me yesterday when I had a ton of work to do so, of course, my laptop decided to crash and then my phone went a bit crazy along with my emotional state. I was comforted by Helen and Rose and we got talking about how we only have a month left of this crazy/amazing year. It soon came out that we were all pretty much ready to say goodbye to Spain. Exams are the main thing on the agenda for the rest of the time we have here. I've made a promise to myself to work as much as I can during the weekdays and enjoy the weekends whilst doing a little bit here and there. Bleugh, I hate exams. 

I'm ready to live at home for the summer and work to earn some money to save or spend as I please. I want to bond with my puppy, Indie. I want to see my friends who I won't have seen for six months and drive my tiny car around Galway with them. I'm ready for the delicious food. I want to not have to Skype my family or friends to be able to talk to them face to face. I'm ready for the cold. I want to see how my grandparents are. I'd love to drink some tap water, lads. 

I have had an amazing year and the next few weeks I'm sure will be memorable. Of course there will be the goodbye chat on here, this is just the update/feelingallthethings chat.

Chat done. Blog off.



''Can't repeat the past?...Why of course you can!''

To get into the swing of making the most out of our last few weeks on ERASMUS, we held a Great Gatsby themed party in our flat last Friday night. It was a roaring soirée with everyone making an effort with hats, feathers and loads of sequins. On Thursday, Laura, Rose, Hagan and I went to see the movie which I really enjoyed. The wardrobe was amazing as was the soundtrack and I really loved Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. 

''And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy.''
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


Thursday, 23 May 2013


For around a year or so I had an au pair named Sabine. Being a French girl, she made the most delicious crepes. So delicious that whenever she comes to visit, my sisters don't stop nagging her to make them until crepes are piled high in front of them coated in sugar. She used to hide chocolate in her room which we could take if we found the stash, she plucked my eyebrows for the first time and she used to enjoy ironing so much that she would iron our knickers. Along with all of these great things and the fact that my Mom might have a bit of French ancestry, I have a little crush on France. 

Saturday morning was crazy. I woke up at 11 after a massive night in Benalmadena to celebrate Dillon's 21st. My Spanish housemate, Laura, had already set off on the journey to her local town to pick up her bags and head to the airport. Whilst getting ready to set off, I was calling my friend Chelsey (who had also been out the night before) to no answer. I decided to trek to her place to wake her from her slumber and get on our way. Chelsey had a bit of a panic, waking up just as I rang her doorbell, and slipped and bruised her elbow. We were determined to get to France so Chelsey quickly packed her bags and we got ourselves a taxi to the airport. A few hours later we were in rainy Marseille and couldn't believe the morning we had had. After two hours of searching (Marseille is the second largest city in France, after Paris), we finally found our hotel. Hot showers were taken and we were on the prowl for some food. We ended up eating in a kebab type place as being Spanish ERASMUS students, we are too used to eating dinner close to midnight. The day ended well with a look around the port accompanied by some French boys. Definitely have a crush on France. 

 Laura & Chelsey

 on the port

cool mirror thing

The next day was spent touring Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. We met up with Laura's lovely friend Carmen. She knew so much about both places and introduced us to all her friends we bumped into along the way. I even met an Irish boy who goes to NUI! Small world, lads. 



On Monday morning we took a car to Montpellier. It was something none of us had ever done before but it worked out perfectly. We found our hotel much easier than the time before and soon we were heading to see Beyoncé! It turned out it was a Bank Holiday Monday so the tram was being extremely slow. Laura, being the chancer that she is, got us on the idea of hitchhiking. We decided to give it a go as we really had nothing to lose. After around 10/15 minutes of thumbing a lady pulled over. It turned out that her two daughters had been lining up at the arena since 11am and she was bringing them some snacks and water. She even offered to give us a lift back. The three of us honestly couldn't believe our luck. In the end, we lined up for two hours. Once we got in there we ended up behind the VIPs at the corridor where Bey herself normally walks down to the second stage. There was a boy beside us who had lined up since 8am but had lost his friends on the run into the arena. The three of us felt a bit bad telling him that we had only lined up for two hours and ended up in the same place as him. We all made friends and had the best time in the end. Beyoncé was absolutely stunning and I can't put into words how amazing she was so we'll leave it at that. 

So yeah, I have a massive crush on France.

Hasta pronto,


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hi, Summer

It's a balmy May evening here in Málaga which can only mean that summer has arrived in all her glory. We celebrated her return with a May Day BBQ on the 1st. Despite a rough start with some people not bringing any food to eat (boys!) we had a lovely day nomming delicious food and climbing massive rocks. I went for a swim in my jeans too. And it was bloody great.

hope the sun greets you soon,


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Madness in March

To continue on with all the antics that went on in the month of March, the scaffolding on our flat finally came down in the week leading up to Semana Santa. The sun could finally come in all our floor to ceiling windows and we could do our fair share of people watching from above. Some other projects in Plaza de la Constitución were finished too and the clock in the square could finally be seen. 

The Ridgeon siblings were reunited with the arrival of Frank on the day we returned from Ireland. After an inaugural night out and resulting hangover, we pottered along to Antequera for a day out. Kitted out in a maxi skirt and sandals, I wasn't best dressed for the rain and wind that the day brought. Antequera was lovely with its Red Indian mountain and the stories that came with all its sites. I do have beef with there being absolutely nowhere open for some grub on a Saturday afternoon. Antequera, sort it out. 


not equipped

The week that followed was Semana Santa. It is a massive religious celebration with processions every evening till late in the night. It was impossible for us to leave our apartment too late throughout the week because we live on the main street. We did have great views of the processions and Antonio Banderas who was staying in the hotel across from our flat. It was an amazing experience because of the sheer size of the processions and how much the Spanish got into the whole celebration.

La Canasta celebratory biscuits

Antonio Banderas 

so many people!

On the 29th, I traveled 10 hours up north to Zaragoza to celebrate Brozzie's 21st with the rest of the gang. I had a lovely time as I normally do with that crowd of messers. Pub nights, German dinners and a picnic in the park made up most of the trip. Oh, and balloons with faces too.

 Emmet & Brozzie

 sibling duet

 Parque Grande

To end a fantastic month of travelling and friends Maeve, Emmet and Brozzie travelled down south to stay with me in Málaga followed by Micheál and John a few days later. I showed them the typical touristic things around the city, had some fantastic Oreo milkshakes and some alcohol was consumed also. 

 visit to the contemporary art museum 

 the gang at the cathedral 

 at the Alcazaba 

 at the Moroccan tea shop

Since I only have 7 weeks in Málaga, I'm going to get back on giving regular updates on everything that's going on here. Chelsey, Laura and I are headed to Beyoncé in France next week, then there's the possibility of some visitors, Rose's birthday and then exams, exams, exams. Time is going to fly!

Hasta pronto,