Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Chat

I think it's time to have the chat about the final few weeks of ERASMUS. It really only hit me yesterday when I had a ton of work to do so, of course, my laptop decided to crash and then my phone went a bit crazy along with my emotional state. I was comforted by Helen and Rose and we got talking about how we only have a month left of this crazy/amazing year. It soon came out that we were all pretty much ready to say goodbye to Spain. Exams are the main thing on the agenda for the rest of the time we have here. I've made a promise to myself to work as much as I can during the weekdays and enjoy the weekends whilst doing a little bit here and there. Bleugh, I hate exams. 

I'm ready to live at home for the summer and work to earn some money to save or spend as I please. I want to bond with my puppy, Indie. I want to see my friends who I won't have seen for six months and drive my tiny car around Galway with them. I'm ready for the delicious food. I want to not have to Skype my family or friends to be able to talk to them face to face. I'm ready for the cold. I want to see how my grandparents are. I'd love to drink some tap water, lads. 

I have had an amazing year and the next few weeks I'm sure will be memorable. Of course there will be the goodbye chat on here, this is just the update/feelingallthethings chat.

Chat done. Blog off.



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