Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hidden Gems

The historic centre of Málaga is a maze of little streets and squares jam-packed with map and book shops, chocolatiers, vintage shops, Moroccan tea shops and jewellery shops. There's nothing better than hunting down some more hidden gems on any given sunny day. Two weeks ago, Hose (Helen & Rose) and I decided to take a wander around some of our favourite places on a lovely Friday evening. 

Bless this Mess was a new discovery we made on our hunt for vintage stores. Most of the stuff sold are things used for house decor. Everything is laid out beautifully while the shopkeeper looks busy at work. There's a very cool cocktail shaker that needs to be purchased by us three gals...

Luna Creciente is a treasure trove of goodies from Asia. It's full to the brim with every kind of stone made into any kind of piece of jewellery. From ''cool pill boxes'' to pretty earrings, you'll be kept busy for a nice bit.

Find de Luxe is most definitely my favourite vintage shop I have ever been in. The shop owner is the epitome of the word fabulous. She is gorgeous, tall and confident amongst her collection of vintage finds. There are mirrors and cabinets adorned with jewellery while the walls are covered in dresses and hats. I just love, love, love!

Hasta pronto,


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Inspirations - #2

I am a woman who's obsessed with video. I've been an avid watcher of every kind of Content Creator on YouTube since late 2008 (rhyme master, hiooo!). Lately, I've been contemplating going into the whole ''vlogger'' scene since it seems like a natural step forward from blogging. I came across this video today by emotistyle, two of my favourite girls on YouTube who specialize in one of my all time favourite Really, not so much fashion as style...which I love! This is the kind of thing I need to be doing.

Shamikah & Molly of emotistyle

Check out their YouTube. They're the bomb diggity (they also have a deep and passionate love for BeyoncĂ©, which I can 100% relate to).

Ciao tio,


Sunday, 20 January 2013


Allo little blog! Finally getting to write my first blog post of 2013. I had an amazing Christmas at home with all the gang. I even got a new puppy who I am in love with. Her name is Indie, I am her favourite and we are in love. New Year's Eve was spent in the village I love with all my fantastic friends. A proper good'un was had! The last week at home was spent eating an amazing amount of food and hugging and kissing everyone. EVERYONE (not really). The following are some pictures from one of my best Christmases evaar!

21/12 - best family

 23/12 - birthday celebrations with one of the loves of my life

 25/12 - best parents

 26/12 - reunited with some of the best people

27/12 - standard ''photoshoot'' with my best friends

 29/12 - tapenade and jiving 

 31/12 - New Year's Eve

1/1 - New Year's Day with Indie and the Fam Damily

2/1 - work friends are the bestest

3/1 - Eddie's with some greats

4/1 - Moneymore, born and bred lads!

5/1 - Goodbye, Galway!

Until March, Ireland!
All my love,