Tuesday, 19 February 2013

''Cádiz Be Any More Fun?''

After a big long stupid/oneofthemoststressfulweeksofmylife week, I had a most superb day/mostly night in Cádiz. Rose, Chelsey, Jeanne and I along with a bunch of our other ERASMUS buds, hopped on a bus on Saturday to experience the partay that is Carnaval. It was one of the best parties I've ever been to because:

*Fairy crowns
*There was glitter everywhere...ERASMUS LADs love glitter
*Where we were dropped off and collected by the bus looked like the set of Transformers
*Outside of a cathedral was an acceptable place to smoke and drink some dranks
*Vodka, rum and red wine
*Friendly people EVERYWHERE
*Street performers
*People in suits with matching hats and pouches
*People in suits with matching hats and pouches getting with your friend
*Bongo Boys
*Plastic surgeons 
*Chips that look like The Simpsons

Proper update soon :)



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