Saturday, 9 March 2013

England, you were lovely.

Whilst being on ERASMUS, I've developed a bit of a crush on England with all the great people it has to offer. So when I set off for a kind of surprise visit to this familiar place with its chilled air and friendly faces, I had more than a brilliant time. 

The flight to Birmingham was made a lot more bearable with the presence of Mal Pals, Nick and Lucy. Thanks for saving me a seat, lads. I soon ended up in Coventry eating a roast dinner with Miss. Sarah Summerville. Thank God I was sufficiently tired that night from travelling because otherwise I would have been awake with excitement for a nice while. We made our way to London on Friday which was a tiny bit of a difficult journey. Some of the overhead wires on route were down so we had to take a train, a bus and then a train again. A few minutes on the Tube and we were in Elephant and Castle. We made a quick stop into Tesco where cakes and wine were bought, along with some trusty candles. We were then greeted by the lovely Sean, one of Michelle's mates. He brought us over to the famous Dante Road where we sneaked by Michelle's kitchen window and I swear I've never been more likely to pee myself. Lovely. On arrival to the door of her halls, Sean kept look out while we lit candles on the caterpillar cake. Several attempts were made to light said candles outside the laundry room where fans were blowing resulting in Sarah burning her fingers a fair few times. Sean peeped around again to see that the crowd had moved upstairs. Still feeling like I was going to have an accident, we sprinted up the stairs to Sean's apartment to drop off our bags and come up with plan B. Of course Michelle decided to head to the shops, totally unaware that Sarah and I were hid away in her room. The poor candles were well used on account of us relighting them anytime we heard someone coming towards the door. Eventually, Michelle decided to grace us with her presence. Sarah popped out from the wardrobe and myself from under the desk with sufficient screams from the birthday girl. After meeting some lovely people, singing the Irish national anthem, being on the best bus ever and lining up for an hour, we ended up in Bells of Shoreditch. It was a catface party so we all donned whiskers and little black noses. There was an amazing DJ so a sufficient amount of dancing was done. After some cheap as chips chips, we headed back to Dante.

birthday kisses

 Alex, Sean & Sarah

 clowder of cats

great DJ

Saturday was quite the hungover day. It was around 5ish when we headed to Wetherspoons to have some delicious food. I had the lasagne myself. Yum. I was eager to head into the city centre to check out Primark. It was a successful journey, picking up a cardigan and two tops for £13. The birthday celebrations had to be continued. We headed to The Dover and The Blue Eyed Maid getting up to all kinds of mischief including pink pens and men of the smaller variety. 

Sunday was a lot more productive. We woke up a little earlier and headed into the centre to be typical tourists. Also, the decision was made to stay one more night in London so we walked for a long time with no worries. The girls were ever so good to me, bringing me to an Irish kitchen for a bit of grub. I was eager to have something that I wouldn't be able to have in Spain so ended up with a large piece of roast chicken and a bowl of colcannon on the side.

 being tourists

 Borough Market

 Piccadilly Circus


O'Neills Irish Pub and Kitchen 

Sarah left for Coventry early on Monday to attend a lecture whilst I stayed a little longer to have a look along Oxford Street. I said goodbye to Michii and headed into the city. Ermergerd, I love the Tube. I popped into Topshop and got me some jeans. I had my first Costa which was delicious. The bus back to Coventry was great apart from me ending up in the wrong part of town but that was quickly fixed. I was treated to a buffet dinner with Sarah and her two housemates, Leanne and Sarah. I didn't sleep that much Monday night as I had to make my way to the airport at 3.30 in the morning. I got comfortable on the plane for once and snoozed all the way back to Spain. Thank you, window seat.

I loved England and have decided that I could marry an Englishman. It's lovely to see friends doing so well and having lovely people around them. Lots of love to Sarah and Michelle, you know how much I adore ye. In other news, I'm headed back home to Ireland this Thursday with some Mal Pals and I am more than excited! Honestly, most of my excitement is geared towards eating taco fries.

Until next time, 



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