Monday, 3 December 2012

Hi, December

Greetings! I wasn't actually planning on writing an update for this past week as I thought squeezing it into my update after Barcelona would be a good idea. I'm guessing, knowing me, I will have too many pictures to show off and will give a way-too detailed description of everything that happened down to what was had for documenting last week right now, before all is lost, is probably a good idea. 

Honestly, nothing majorly exciting happened last week. I've been concentrating on my Uni work a lot so Monday till Friday was basically all work and no play. This was made up for on Friday though when some friends and myself trotted along to a rave. It was exactly what I needed after a week filled with 9am starts, confusing Spanish literature classes and people being too loud to understand anything the lecturer was saying. After a 10 minute taxi journey from the city centre and lining up for an hour, we finally got into the warehouse. It was well worth the €10 and one of the best nights I've had in M├ílaga yet. Definitely on the list as a birthday party destination...

As laid out in the title, it's finally December. Hoorah! I think I'm the most excited human being on the planet in regards to Christmas and everything that surrounds it. I went and bought myself an Advent calendar, a Christmas playlist has been drawn up and I've squealed too many times at the Christmas lights that have been put up around this lovely city. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show because I lost my camera at the rave. So stooopid. An early birthday present will have to be asked of the parents before Barcelona. Mmmhm, Barcelona :) I am beyond excited for the trip this weekend! 

Here's a picture to make up for the lack of decent pictures. I'm a lil excited...

I'm not crazy though. 

Hasta pronto :)


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