Monday, 31 December 2012


rough starts. Rizzle Kicks. cold houses. best housemates. angel cards. Gort na Coiribe. driving everywhere, anytime. chocolate hob nobs. Draw My Thing. old trains. loving the sea. fancy dinner awards with the best people. pubs. getting married. being ecstatic. dance class. baking buns and slappin' bums. friends being grandfathers. toga. painting toe nails. Clarenbridge. cousins. Downton Abbey. Coventry. new people are great. Nando's. working gals drinking fancy drinks. saving ducks. BBQ's. forever in love with Renville Park. Noah And The Whale. forever in love with Salthill. Mumford & Sons. sunrises. sunsets. walks. forts. road trips. best friends. King's. enjoying work. work friends being great. The Front Door. explosions. Volvo Ocean Race. headbanging. fireworks. Quay Street. town people. too many people in one bathroom at one time. Olympics. leaving work. goodbyes. blanking. Tralee. Spain. a language course. endless nights out. sushi. new people are even greater. heat. castles. wine. markets. diners. visits from parents. saying goodbye to Riley dog. ciara and helen go wild. HAWAY. bizarre. prisoners. settling in. tapas. liking fish. bicycles. sisters. floods. mulled wine. scotch eggs. Love Actually. Barcelona. molesting Picasso. Mal Pals. turning 20. having one of the best birthdays. flying home. reuniting. happy tears. Christmas dinner. out, out, out. new puppy. new year.

Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year. I am a very happy girl and can't wait to see what 2013 brings. Normal blogging shall resume soon :)

All my love,


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