Sunday, 20 January 2013


Allo little blog! Finally getting to write my first blog post of 2013. I had an amazing Christmas at home with all the gang. I even got a new puppy who I am in love with. Her name is Indie, I am her favourite and we are in love. New Year's Eve was spent in the village I love with all my fantastic friends. A proper good'un was had! The last week at home was spent eating an amazing amount of food and hugging and kissing everyone. EVERYONE (not really). The following are some pictures from one of my best Christmases evaar!

21/12 - best family

 23/12 - birthday celebrations with one of the loves of my life

 25/12 - best parents

 26/12 - reunited with some of the best people

27/12 - standard ''photoshoot'' with my best friends

 29/12 - tapenade and jiving 

 31/12 - New Year's Eve

1/1 - New Year's Day with Indie and the Fam Damily

2/1 - work friends are the bestest

3/1 - Eddie's with some greats

4/1 - Moneymore, born and bred lads!

5/1 - Goodbye, Galway!

Until March, Ireland!
All my love,


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