Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Girl Crush - Pixie Lott

I thought I'd write a post today since, firstly, it's absolutely lashing in Málaga at the moment, secondly, I'm just after going for a run and I am too lazy to leave my seat to take a shower and, thirdly, I stumbled across an old crush on Facebook last night and immediately decided that I needed to write a post about her. It also seems that I have a kind of ''blogging bug''. 

I first heard of Pixie Lott when her video for ''Mama Do'' came out. To be honest I wasn't too pushed with her then. She just seemed like another Pop Gal, nothing too special. But then I heard her ''Use Somebody'' cover and I became a lil obsessed. I downloaded the video straight away onto my iPod, a Facebook status was put up and I listened to her version of one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands on repeat for days on end. Might have sang it in the shower a few times too. You know, standard. 

Then there was the ''Endless Love'' video where I first feel in love with her ''flowers in my hair'' thing.

I had seen her style in magazines around the place too and I remember picking up a copy of Instyle  just because she was the cover girl. This is when I first started to fall in love with her style. Everything she wears I immediately lust! It's all girly, grungy and bohemian which I just adore!

This brings me back to being reminded about my dear gal, Pixie. These pictures showed up on my dashboard last night and I remembered  how much I love her...

I love the Dolce & Gabbana dress teamed with her signature crown of flowers. Sticking to her roots and what she loves. Go on Pixie!

Here she is again donning Dolce & Gabbana and her crown of flowers in June of this year. Love!

Overall she has an amazing sense of style, a gorgeous voice and seems to be a genuinely lovely person. Another girl who I seriously want to be best friends with.

I shall leave you with the music video for ''What Do You Take Me For?''. She also has an amazing pair of pins. Maybe I'll go run another 2 miles...

Hasta luego,


(Images via Tumblr and Facebook)

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