Monday, 12 November 2012

Lo Amo

In my last ERASMUS post I mentioned that my sister, Aoife, had taken an abundance of photos from The Two's trip here last week. Here are a few of those. Big fan of her work so I am...

Asho on Hallow's Eve. Very proud of the spiderweb I did. Isn't she a beaut?



The Two being twins 

Monday was mostly spent cleaning after the The Two left. Below you can see my clothes horse (shutters) used to dry the piles of clothes belonging to me that they had worn. Worked a charm...

Genius, I am.

On Tuesday of this week I went for a run. Yes, a run. Pretty proud of myself to be honest. The Tone It Up galz on Youtube are also a great help in reaching ULTIMATE FITNESS. Of course, I went for a massive meal afterwards. It was ''Girls Night'' in our circle of ERASMUS, English/Italian/Irish (me), girls. I highly recommend the chicken fajitas from Amigos along the port. The steak burrito...nat so mach. Wednesday was shopping day and has officially become pub night among the ''Cool Group''. That is myself, Helen and Rose. So modest. The Irish (Hagan, Robbie, Dillion) and Max tagged along and we drank weird Bulmers again, a crazy high percentage beer called Judus and there were some shots thrown in there too thanks to Max. Friday was also a great day with a Spanish movie called Amores Perros and a fabulous German house party. The movie wasn't that great actually because of dead dogs and not knowing whether them fighting each other was real or not. Saturday another run was had. Of course, pictures had to be taken...

trusty zapatos

Drinks were had that night with Hanne, Nalisha, Uli, Laura and Alex. It was a lovely night filled with mojitos, tinto de verano, Spanish design students and fried fish. On Sunday, to finish off an already great week, a trip with Rose and The Robinsons was made. We ventured to Marbella, Benahavis and Mijas. All in one day. Imagine!



I think that's enough information/pictures for this week. I am a tired chica and my hot chocolate awaits!

Hasta la próxima semana,


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