Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I'm a ''tarde'' girl, in a ''tarde'' world...

I've been thinking a lot recently about my trip home for Christmas. When something is constantly on my mind there is normally 50 million things that I have to do. A list is my best friend through situations like these. This week I decided to make a few lists to layout what has to be done and who has to be seen whilst being back in Éire. The list that has caused me the most pain and anguish has been my food list...

Keane's soup
* Mother's lasagne 
* Mother's scones
* Mother's roast dinners
* Taco chips from Capital
* A fry 
* Brown bread
Kerrygold butter
McCambridge's deli rolls

For some moronic reason I decided to make this list on my computer desktop. It's all I think about now every time I log in to have a browse on the interwebz or bop along to some music. Alas, I refuse to delete it. The thought of home delicacies gets me through the times where I've made another plate of fish and vegetables and the potatoes are not at all like spuds. Guys, I need spuds.

This week did start out with some hearty Italian food. I was informed by my lovely friends, Charlee and Lily, that some Italianos were willing to cook us a meal before we headed out on Monday night. Italian boys cooking food? Lads, you couldn't say no. Dinner was served after the five of us polished off our second bottle of wine. It was sausage in a creamy tomato sauce. With pasta of course. I was given a mighty serving and tucked right into it. I was half way done when myself and the other two girls felt the fullness coming on. To our slight horror (not that the food was bad, it was freaking delish, but just that if you cut us we would have probably bled pasta sauce...) there was another course. Luckily, it was fried potatoes. Yay! Insert smiley face here. Even though I was full, I gobbled it right down since it was the closest thing I've had to a proper spud since I got here. A great night out was had in which I got a massive heart painted on my face. That's always great.

 That one picture I took at the Italian dinner. They set the table and everything. Nawh. 

My drunken self decided to take pictures on the way home...

Spain, like many countries in Europe, are going through some pretty rough times at the moment. Wednesday was the day of the ''huelga general del 14N''. This was a general strike in which hundreds of thousands of people protested throughout major cities in Spain against the cut backs that the Gobierno have put in place. I decided to stay in on Tuesday night after the antics of the night before and in preparation for ''Cool Night'' the next day. Around 00:20 I heard this huge bang go off. I'm still not too sure what exactly it was but it frightened the life out of me. Soon after a couple hundred people marched into the square where I live, shouting ''huelgaaa, huelgaa, huelgaa''. This was a peaceful protest in which people of all different ages participated but being in a foreign country with a crowd of people shouting outside your balcony around midnight was pretty scary. It died down quickly but come morning, evidence could be seen that Málaga was taking this day seriously. There were stickers on most shop windows saying they were closed for the huelga, other shops that were open had extra security as if things could get out of hand and the police were everywhere. The day ended peacefully and the province of Málaga came out in their hundreds of thousands. According to some unions, 140,000 people across the province marched in Wednesday's protest. Unfortunately, due to the strike, ''Cool Night'' did not go ahead. But do not fear for ''Cool Night'' was turned into ''Hat Night''. Hoorah!

  ''huelgaaaa, huelgaa, huelgaaa''

''Hat Night''

The next few days included a night in watching Mean Girls and eating Chinese food, drinking smoothies in one of my new favourite cafes, climbing into building sites on nights out, and getting back into Grey's Anatomy whilst whipping up some delicious fajitas. There were some more floods here on Saturday morning that looked absolutely crazy from what I saw on Facebook. After climbing and jumping about the city the night before, I missed seeing these as I slept in till the late afternoon. Oh lookey here, I stole a picture so you could see...

''The Dry River'' not being so dry

Sunday was a great day filled with eating 100 Montaditos, having drinks on a rooftop bar, as a result of this being convinced to go on a pub crawl, eating french toast and going to bed at 08:30. My sleeping pattern has been a biteen off since, hence me blogging on a Tuesday night. I hope all is well with everyone wherever you might be. I am looking forward to some trips around Spain before I jet back for Christmas. Christmas shopping shall be epic this year too. Better get making more lists!

Hasta pronto,


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