Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Photo Diary: Walking along Diagonal

I was walking to my local grocery shop a few evenings ago. It had been the most gorgeous day in Barcelona; 30 degrees with a fantastic breeze. I spied what looked like the beginning of one of my favourite things - an insane sunset! In case you haven't noticed from my Instagram posts, I've moved to Barcelona. I live in Eixample, along Diagonal, so just on the cusp of Grácia too. I walk to and from work on Passeig de Grácia, the Sagrada Família isn't too far away and Gaudí is EVERYWHERE. I've got my metro commute down, Zara is cheap as is a meal in any restaurant so I'm pretty happy. Oh! and I can walk to the supermarket at 7:30pm and witness this.

Excited to share more Spanish/Catalan adventures with you,


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