Thursday, 5 November 2015


Lately... is composed of some photos that I've taken over the last while. I love using this blog to look back at certain times and travels so here's the newest addition. 

Trek to Montjuic

Maeve, James and I walked up Montjuic looking for the fountain which we found out after is located at the base of the mountain. Fantastic! But look, what a pretty place! I'm all about mountains, hills and rooftop bars. I think the first picture is gas as it looks awful cheesy with the Vespa, the couple and the lovely view but that's just Barcelona to a T. 

Halloween in Valencia 

Halloween in Valencia could have not been a thing but thanks to modern medicine, I was physically able to travel on a bus for four hours. Nicola and I decided to meet up whilst we were both in Spain so we settled on Valencia as it was halfway for us both. With me being on antibiotics, Nicola was the best mammy a gal could ask for; filling up my water bottle and willingly taking afternoon breaks. Bar order for the weekend: una cerveza para Nicola y un cosmo sin vodka para mi. I bloody love cranberry juice, I do. 

Aoife has come to visit for the weekend so there will be plenty of touristy Barcelona pictures to come!

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