Thursday, 23 July 2015



noun: glamping
  1. a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

There were a few things to be done this summer - one of them being taking a trip to Tayto Park, the other - glamping or YURTIN', whichever you prefer. So Declan and I killed two birds with one stone and stayed at The Rock Farm, Slane in Meath which is just a quick drive away from Tayto Park. I cannot recommend the place more! The campsite consists of several yurts, ranging in different sizes. We stayed in ''Ash'' which was equipped with a double bed, a pull-out sofa bed, wood burning range and fairy lights to boot. Then there is ''Le Shack'', the communal area which includes compost toilets (an experience), showers (I love a good shower and these were some of the best), kitchen and an outdoor seating area. The hosts at Rock Farm also give you the option of choosing between food packs which they provide for you on arrival. We choose the ''Meat Lover Breakfast Pack'' which we throughly enjoyed both mornings we spent there. Other facilities include a campfire pit, a swing and an outdoor wood burning hot tub. On our first night we were lucky as we were the only people staying on the campsite so we got the tub all to ourselves! 

To finish:
- I was so impressed with how everything that could have been was locally sourced; from the rashers and sausages to the soap in the showers.
- If you do plan a trip, take a walk along the River Boyne. There's buttercups and dragonflies and it's just lovely.
- On Tayto Park: Cú Chulainn is all it's hyped up to be, avoid the 5D Cinema like the plague and the Tayto chocolate bars have had a makeover and they're a-okay so buy one...or three. 

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