Saturday, 13 October 2012

Round Up!

It's been a solid three weeks since I last wrote on here for the first time. Things are going well, eh? Life these days has comprised of finishing courses, starting Uni, fainting while boarding buses, trips to not-so-far-away pieces of paradise, a new love for all things fish and EXERCISE. The latter two being the most surprising. Since it's been a long and hectic time since I decided to document my life on here I shall summarise some of the events of the past few weeks through the medium of photography...

28th of September - Our final exam for our language course is cancelled because of the rain. It was all jokes and laughs about how ridiculous Spain is when a little bit of rain hits. I didn't realize how serious it was until I got home. There were deaths and a lot of damage done to the pueblos on the outskirts of Málaga city centre. Sad sad sad. 

1st of October - Myself and some friends (I have some yeah...) climbed to the old castle in Málaga. When I say climbed to I mean walked up to. There will be more pictures of that in the future as I plan on doing that walk a hundred times more. I was also very lazy with my camera that week. For now here's one of me looking sweaty. Great. 

2nd of October - Moroccan tea shops are a delightful new addition to my life. They can never beat Claire's Tea House in Clarenbridge but it's a nice cultural opposite. In the picture is my friend Nalisha in front of some pretty Moroccan lights/food. She's basically Moroccan (not really though) so this is a nice picture to represent Morocco and stuff...

7th of October - Málaga, te quiero.

10th of October - My lovely friend Hanne asked me if I would like to venture to Nerja for a day along with her brother and father and our friend Helen. It was an offer I couldn't refuse (the fact that this trip was in a car after one month without motor transport was a bonus). Nerja is b-e-a-uuu tiful! It's also a great place to satisfy your fish craving with some salmon and chips. 

I've also started University which I mentioned before. I'm finding it simple so far but we'll see how I get on as the weeks go by. Fainting is another thing that occurred throughout the past few weeks. It was nothing serious but it did deprive me of a trip to Seville. I'm sure there will be time for another trip somewhere in the next 8-9 months :) 

Hasta pronto,


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