Friday, 19 October 2012

Los Padres y Otras Cosas Bonitas

I have been fed, adorned with new lovely things and I am left with a smile on my face after spending the week with my parents. They really are the best. Turning their backs on the rain in Ireland, they were delighted to spend a week in sunny Spain with their favourite daughter (yup!). It was nice to take a break from the fast and tiring life that is the life of an ERASMUS student. The life of a tour guide is also a tiring one though as it includes climbing castles and walking for miles on end. It's all worth it for Mammy and Daddy sure. I'm also the proud owner of a loaf of brown bread, a full box of Lyon's tea bags and two blocks of Kilmeadan cheese after their visit. Absolutely delira. 

In other news this week, my friend Dan Stew came for an overnight visit which was lovely as he was my first familiar face to be seen in Málaga. A memorable night was had when he knocked down the German's curtain pole doing some acrobatics (typical) but all was well as the German's appreciated Daniel's DJ-ing skillz.

The students of Málaga Uni decided to go on strike for the most of this week so attending class was a thing that didn't happen. I'm also the proud owner of a UMA hoodie thanks to mis padres.

All in all, I love my parents and my friends and Málaga and yeaaaaa...

Hasta luego,


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