Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life and Stuff

This whole week was a bit of a blur. There were nights out again like every other week, a day spent in bed and a few University classes were attended too. I guess I'm still sad about the departure of Riley and it sucks. It also struck me for the hundredth time that I'm actually living here. Sometimes I feel like it's a holiday and that I have to be like ''Ooo it's ERASMUS! Gotta do as much shiz as possible!'' but then I should be allowed a ''meh'' week since I'm here for another 8 months. I'm so glad this week is over though as it's Halloween this coming week and my sisters are coming to stay. I am so excited. Finally I get to be reunited with ''the galz''. There's so much stuff to do over the next few weeks and I couldn't be happier that there is. That's it for this week really. Pretty boring. I've gone and stolen some pictures again since I left my camera in the humble abode of my friend Hanne.

27th of October - Some pictures from a gypsy fair that was right outside my flat this week. There was a heap ton of food and OWLS. I made sure to get a picture with the one from The Late Late Show

28th of October - My American friend Sara was crazy excited when we decided to eat at a diner today. I loved the decor, it was really cute. Better than Eddie Rocket's me thinks! Also, I am a little bit ginger now. This photo exaggerates it a lot but you get the idea. Pinky promise I have a soul! (It's old I know...sorry)

Hasta pronto :), 


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