Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Big Trip - San Francisco

Hello dearest friends! It's been a while since I've been on this here blog. I've been thinking recently about that and you know what, writing on here is just not a big priority for me at the moment. And that's okay! I'd rather post in my own time and have some fun with it. So that's what I'm doing with my little space of the internet in 2018. 

Declan and I headed off to Central America from June to September of last year. 7 weeks in total. We hit up the US first with Chicago (family wedding) and San Francisco (Aoife and Aisling were there for the summer and I would honestly make any excuse to go back there). Then onto Central America starting in Mexico, then onto Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and ending in Costa Rica. In The Big Trip series, I'll share my photos, thoughts and recommendations on some of the places. Luckily, I wrote a brief summary of most of our days at the end of each day on good old Google Docs so I still have names of places, restaurants and memories (that I might have forgotten in the mean time) all to share! 

We're starting off the series with San Francisco as our stay in Chicago was brief and filled with wedding shananigans. We stayed in a lovely Airbnb in our native Berkeley and just enjoyed being back there again. Highlights included: Trader Joes (their food samples are the best), Toss (noodle bar), Cream (ice-cream cookie sandwiches) and The Sunny Side Cafe (breakfasts, brunches and dreams come true). We did discover a few new spots which Aoife and Aisling introduced us to - the highlight for me being Maison Bleue for gorgeous crepes. 

Our biggest day out in SF was biking the bridge. Myself and Dec had rented out bikes during our SF days but had never actually made it across the bridge. Well, he did a different day and I went across it on a very windy tourist bus. Anyway, I was really looking forward to the views and stopping to take them in and it didn't disappoint because we saw numerous whales! I was also excited to reach the other side and see Sausalito as a good few people had told me I would love it. They know me too well. I would highly recommend going as it's the cutest town you have ever seen and the view looking back on the city is great. We stopped for dinner and a beer in a restaurant near the water and it was wolfed down. 

We'll continue with the journey in the next post with Mexico and a lil culture shock. Delightful.

Yay to the end of another January,



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