Tuesday, 20 September 2016

August Mood Board ~ Dive Deep

    Have you ever floated in the ocean? Like, lied back where your ears are under the water and the rest of your face looks like its peaking out - and just floated? It is the most.relaxing.thing.ever. This is the feeling that inspired my August mood board, Dive Deep. When life is a bit of a shambles having a positive mindset amongst it all and embracing that still yet all encompassing sound that floods your ears when underwater, that's what you need - stillness amongst it all. One of the most helpful things that helps me out of a mind funk is music. I've recently redownloaded Spotify and I use it morning, noon and night! The Discover Weekly playlist serves up a fresh batch of tunes according to your musical appetite every Monday and is probably my favourite aspect of the app. My only complaint - it ain't got Lemonade! Beyoncé, share the goods paaaleazee! Alas, feast your ears upon some music that inspired my August. 

songs for divin'

songs for floatin'

I hope you're all happy and healthy,


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