Sunday, 25 September 2016

COSTA BRAVA - Calella AKA The Last Hurrah

On the 7th of September 2015, Maeve and I arrived in Barcelona. 

Firstly, we landed in BCN just before 9pm. It was dark, which I've since discovered is not the ideal time of day to arrive in a city you've only been to once that you now plan on living in for the next 10 months. It's not good for you - the sudden realisation hits you of everything you've left behind and you've to go scout out some dinner at 10pm with your friend who is equally as terrified. Upon finishing your spaghetti bolognese, you've to hit the hay to get up and begin your new life in Spain and to start the house hunt which you presume should be easy enough in a city as big as this (IT'S NOT). You're laying there in the dark staring at the ceiling listening to the sounds coming from Las Ramblas on a Monday night (which are weird enough at the best of times) and you have a cry. Your friend is sound asleep and you're wondering how she did that. You're getting a little scared now and you're feeling very lonely on your little bed made out of a palette and an IKEA mattress. But you know what happens then? You wake up to the sun on your face which continues to happen on 95% of your mornings, you find your apartment filled with too many people to have such a small kitchen and one shower to share between the eight of you but you're okay with it so you kit the place out in all the things from Tiger and IKEA, your best friend becomes your family, you're up for anything because it's all new so you agree to go out with two girls from Donegal that you've been chatting to on Facebook and meet the boy you've been emailing because he's essentially your new work mate and arrange pre drinks with a girl from home that you only really know through other people. Do you know what happens then? They all become your people and then they connect you to their people and it's all lovely and many dinners are had, beers are drank, jives are jived and memories are made. 

For my last weekend in BCN, all these lovely people (Niamh, Nadie and Claire - you were missed!) and I headed east to Calella on the Costa Brava and checked off something that we had been meaning to do for a while - camping! We stayed at Roca Grossa, played Articulate, drank G&Ts in the playground, cheered on BCN in the football, sang songs (a bit too loudly), shared the beach with some fisherman late at night, did some yoga, sang more songs, managed to fit five people into a three man tent, swam in the pool AND in the Med. You know what happens then? I leave all these lovely people and fly back to Ireland. I land in Dublin at 11pm. It's dark outside and I'm so happy that it all happened.

Thanks for it all guyz, 

Miss yaz, 



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