Tuesday, 18 June 2013

La Verdadera Experiencia Española

This past Sunday us girls took a trip out to Laura's farm in Alhaurín de la Torre. We were joined by Rose's brother, Joe, and his new fiancée , Laura. The night before they had come out with us for a ton of wine and salty fish which was absolutely delish. Because of this fact we were a bit behind schedule on Sunday morning, but we arrived at Laura's farm to the blazing early afternoon sun. The usual Spanish kisses were given out by her parents and the cutest Spanish old lady I have ever met, Laura's abuela. The dogs welcomed us too. There was even one called Kira! So we bonded, naturally. Laura's house was so gorgeous and rustic and filled with hilariously cute pictures of her in a flamenco dress. Outside we tucked into some bread and cheese and Laura's Mom soon brought out the biggest paella I had ever seen. She even wrote ERASMUS across the pan in red peppers. We swooned and awed and pictures were taken. After the meal, the newly engaged left us and we were given a tour of the farm. It was certainly different to the farms my parents came from. There was no muck but dust instead. The flies were having a field day and there was more orange trees than blackberry bushes. My God do I love the smell of orange trees. The afternoon was spent chatting and drinking English tea in the shade of a large tree. Laura's Dad, Antonio, keeps a lot of horses so we got to ride one. After all of our turns on the gorgeous horse and an insane amount of pictures were taken we headed back into the town of Alhaurín de la Torre. Another stop in Laura's townhouse and bakery goodies were consumed. We headed home when we were all full of noms and I felt great. The countryside is so quiet and peaceful compared to our home on the main street in Malaga centre. Two weeks today and I shall be back in Moneymore! Until then, I'll have an update on our trip to Granada for our last weekend in Spain and a very soppy goodbye post. Oh deary me, how time flies.
See you soon,

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