Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happy June!

Hello there June, nice to see you in all you summery glory. 

29th of May

To celebrate Rose's 21st, we took a day trip to El Chorro. It's one of the most famous rock climbing centres in Spain because of the gorge located there. Lined up like little ants, we hiked up the mountain and found a spot to pop some bottles of cava and munch on a few treats. We were joined by a snake too! A few hours later on our way down we snuck into a hostel to use their pool for a quick dip. Rebels. Back in Málaga, we ended the day with gifts and the realization that we had all gotten a little too sunburnt. Lovely. 


 birthday girl

being sneaky 

1st of June

There was a hippy party to attend to and some people watching in Merced with a falafel to finish. Lovely.

3rd of June

Rose, Beth (Rose's visiting best bud who is uber cool), Hagan, Dillon, Rob and I took a trip to the waterpark in Torremolinos. The weather at the minute is perfect for walking around half naked, even eating lunch half naked. We tackled the ''Boomerang'' and ''The Cones'' along with plenty of larfs on the ''Rapids'' (which weren't so rapid). Freckles, fitness and fun :) That evening, I made my very first homemade garlic bread while Beth cooked up a gorgeous spaghetti bolognese. Lovely.

4th of June

Watched the latest ''Game of Thrones''. Not so lovely. Got a retweet from The Viper though, pretty lovelaay layk.

5th of June

Rose, Beth and I had a great rooftop bar evening followed by some McDonalds for Beth's last night in Málaga. Highlight of the night was gluten free Beth having a gluten free Big Mac, her first Big Mac in years. There was beer too. Lovely. 

That's all my antics from the past week or so. I hope you're well and happy and feeling lovely.

Bye now,


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