Thursday, 12 May 2016

March Madness ~ Bunkers with Nicola and Sarah

Bunkers del Carmel is probably one of my favourite places in Barcelona. It's an old army bunker that was once used to defend the city during the Spanish Civil War. Aswell as that, have I mentioned before how I love mountains and rooftop bars? Well this place is basically the offspring if those two had a very attractive baby. Whilst Nicola and Sarah (the last of my March visitors) were here, I took them up to ooo and aaa over the views, take a few photos and write some postcards. 

I hadn't heard about this place until I moved to Barcelona when one of my housemates was raving about it. If you're ever visiting BCN it's a must do in my opinion. If you search it on Google maps it comes up pretty easily and you can make your own way or try mine! Take the V17 bus towards El Carmel (you can use your T10 metro card or pay €2.15 each way) and hop off at the very last stop. Walk up the road directly in front of the bus stop. Continue on until you reach a little neighborhood of houses and turn right. Walk up the insanely steep hill (use that gluteus maximus!) and be hit in the face with the best 360 view of Barcelona. It's equally as beautiful at night when the whole city is lit up! 

I'm leaving Barcelona for the motherland at the end of this month. I plan on writing about my experience here including finding an apartment, a job and other things including my favourite spots to eat, drink and be merry! 

Until then,

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