Monday, 25 January 2016

Saturday Afternoon in January

Let's bring it back. To last Saturday. The 16th of January. It was Deco's first trip of 2016 and there were no nights out to be had. #1 rule of the weekend. The last time he was here we stayed out until 6am which resulted in a monster of a hangover. This is unacceptable practise when you're only in a city for 72 hours. What a great rule this was - we got so much done; a walk around the Arc de Triomf and Ciutadella Park, a tram ride/hike up Tibidabo, early morning brunch on a Sunday and a Barcelona game. I think that football match was one of my favourites to watch, on par with watching El Clásico back in November. Barcelona are just great as a team, you just know they're going to score the most goals. Never thought I'd have faith in a football team - does this mean I'm a real Barcelonian now? 

Above are some pictures I took from our walk up Tibidabo. We attempted to go visit the old amusement park there but after taking the Tram Blau (which is very cute and reminded me of SF) both the ferrocarril (train/railway to the top of the mountain) and the park itself were closed. Annoyed as I was about this, I couldn't be for too long as the views from the mountain were amazing. The weather was on top form too. Before we headed back down the mountain we had a beer and some crisps. Sitting there in the warm sun, being typically me and feeling light headed after one beer, it was the first time in a long time I wished I was on a boat party. The sun does mad things to your head on a Saturday afternoon in January. 

Hope you're all well and your 2016 resolutions are going strong! 


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