Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Favourites

1. My first favourite of the past month has to be the visitors I've had. Aoife was first to arrive followed by, ma man, Deco. I still feel quite fresh here in the city of Barcelona so I'm not greatly versed in the little local nooks and crannies. But! I'm getting there. Despite this, Aoife and I attended the greatest market ever (more on that later) and Deco and I watched El Clásico which was SO GOOD. I think it might have been the first football match I've ever enjoyed watching. The buckets full of bottles of Heineken might have helped.

2. As I'm writing this, I'm slightly distracted by THE voice that is Adele. On Thursday, Declan and I got tickets to her concert here in Barcelona and I'm insanely excited! She has been on repeat throughout the month of November, loud and proud. I think my roommates might have a word any day now. Can't stop, won't stop. Below is one of my favourites:

3. About that market I mentioned before. Palo Alto Market. It takes place over a Saturday and Sunday once a month. So, if you're planning a weekend trip to Barcelona I highly recommend checking the dates in conjunction with your trip. Aoife and I went on a Saturday night in November. We were met by quite a long line to get in. It's €3 to enter but if you download the Zapper app and zap a barcode from their website where you pay online beforehand you get to skip the queue and a discount on drinks once inside. The things that I loved most about this market in particular were the music, the delicious pastrami sandwich and the range of local goods on sale. I plan on attending and writing about the December market this weekend so a full blog on this to come!

4. I've heard so much about Korean skincare on different blogs and YouTube channels over the past few months. I was keen to grab a few face masks in particular. They just seem like a nice treat, yano? I was willing to have some shipped to my humble abode but decided to use my best mate, Google Maps, to see if I could grab any somewhere in the city. What did I find? MiiN Korean Cosmetics! Maeve and I strolled down one day to pop in and see what was on offer. The store itself is so cute and the lady there at the time was so helpful. I purchased a few masks, have used them and love them. I plan on picking up a few more for myself and for Christmas presents for friends at home so I'll mention some of my favourite ones in my December Favourites post. If you fancy a few face masks for yourself, visit their website as they ship internationally and prices are listed in €. Also a little FYI, they have directions on how to use all of their products on their website if, like me, you're not fluent in Korean!

5. Shout out to IKEA. Only there would you find a fantastic full length mirror for €20. Even if I did get stared down various times on the metro home. 

Happy December,



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