Monday, 6 April 2015

A I R B N B : M O N T I

Declan and I headed to Rome for the last week in March. Overall, it was so lovely! One of the elements of the trip that really stood out was our accommodation as it was the first time either of us used Airbnb. I had come across the site last summer when looking into accommodation for a trip to NYC. I've been obsessed with it ever since. The idea is that you can browse unique rooms/flats/houses from different hosts in any part of the world; a treehouse in LA, a chateau in France or a cave on the Greek Islands. 

On deciding that we were going to Rome, we got on Airbnb straight away. We had a few necessary things in finding somewhere to stay; an entire place to ourselves with a kitchen, a central location and an experienced host with good reviews. After looking on Airbnb for literally hours, Declan found a flat with everything we wanted for a great price. Below are a few photos I took of the area. So pretttty!

Some Airbnb tips:

* If you've already booked your flights it's best to put your holiday dates into the search bar. There were a few times we didn't, fell in love with a place and quickly found out it wasn't available.

* Try and put as much detail into your search as possible - how many guests will be staying, whether you want an entire place, private room or shared room and your price range. Cities like Rome have an abundance of listings on Airbnb and it can get quite overwhelming looking through them all. 

* Don't worry if the host doesn't message you back straight away after your reservation - Airbnb will email all the reservation info onto you with the host (hopefully!) contacting you a day or two before your stay.

* Payment - As a guest you pay Airbnb. 24 hours after you check in Airbnb will release the money to the host. 

* Be sure to leave a review for your host whether it's good or bad! These really help when trying to find the ideal place to stay. 

When in Rome, stay in Monti! It's super Italian with loads of restaurants and bars and within walking distance of everything that you'd want to see. Just bring a good pair of trainers. Cobblestones are a plenty.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!


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