Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Best Medicine - Food, duh!

I haven't been feeling 100% the past few days. Symptoms: a sore throat, a cough ever-growing and a fuzzy head. Not ideal at the beginning of my last ever semester of college. So yesterday, I decided to whip up some super nutritious and easy to eat food stuffs. 

Vegetable Soup

Surprisingly easy to make and filled to the brim with a ton of good things. Basically, get all the veggies you want together; peel, cut and chop, through everything in a pot with some boiling water and a vegetable stock cube and blend when cooked and hey presto! you got yourself something delicious. 

 I used all of the above (I'm a big fan of broccoli). Bowls contain chickpeas and mixed herbs. 

Firstly, fry the leek and red onion. 

Then throw in everything else with your water and stock cube. 

Cook for 20/30 mins, then blend with something like this.

Add some chia and sesame seeds to the top and, of course, a side order of bread.


Banana Berry Smoothie

I also made a smoothie with the above. Bowls contain chia seeds, frozen blackberries and raspberries. I love this recipe! Keep the smoothie stored in a jug, cover with some cling film and pop it in the fridge. Ideal for those college mornings when you've pressed the snooze button five too many times and you're running out the door. 

I'm feeling a lot better this evening so hopefully should be back to full health in no time. 

Until next time,

(I have some exciting news!),



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