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On the 14th of March Chelsey, Helen, Rose and I jetted off to Ireland with the boys on our heels. Rose and I were very giddy whilst landing. Miss. Ridgeon even forgot we were on a plane and shouted out the words ''TERROR-WRIST'' whilst trying to frighten me by shaking her wrist in my face. I did a few Mexican waves. It was madness. We were greeted at arrivals by Mom, Aoife and Aisling. Since it was St. Patrick's weekend, there was a lovely cardboard cut out with the stereotypical céilí band and Irish dancer jamming away. The English girls got in there and we had a right laugh at the resulting photo. On approaching the end of our road at home in Oranmore, I saw someone in a mask with an umbrella and a large sign. At first, I thought it was Dad. But no. Of course, it was Joanne Hackett. The dote that she is had made me a massive ''Welcome Home'' sign. Things like this make me miss home! Soon we arrived in the Harte abode and were greeted by Dad and Indie. I was eager for some taco chips (obvo) so we headed into Charcoal Grill for some noms. Oh lordy, they were amazing. The girls now understood my ranting and raving so we chowed down and soon after headed back to Oranmore for some much needed kip.

Mom's revision of the Christmas sign

Joanne's sign


The next day I took the girls for a drive around Oranmore and Renville. We drove towards Renville and visited the spooky house opposite the park, ventured to Tawin Island and an Irish coffee was experienced in the Coach House. A look was taken at Oranmore Castle before we collected Aoife and Aisling from school. It was lovely to be back in Calasanctius with its new stage/cafeteria and numerous classrooms. I was dragged around by The Two saying hello to anyone and everyone who were all lovely and said hello/welcomed me home. Later that night, we celebrated The Two turning 18. The DJ was unreal (gwan Niall), I received a birthday card (thanks Oisin!) and I cried being the emotional big sister that I am. I loved seeing all The Two's mates that I hadn't seen in a while (shoutout to Mia...hey gurrl) and having the Mal Pals there was pretty bizarre but, of course, so much fun. The night ended with a Supermacs singsong, cups of tea and a very entertaining toastie party (once again, gwan Niall). 

Rose & us <3's

Mal Pals

Joanne & I


birthday gals

The next day, the boys arrived in flying form. We headed into the College Bar to watch the Wales v England match. I was reunited with Duff and stuffed rolls were eaten. That night Mom and Dad threw a family 18th birthday for Aoife, Aisling and I. I never had a family party when I turned 18 and Dad had insisted I have one since then so I turned 18 again that night. Woo. I got gifts which was a bit mad, but lovely at the same time. I had told the Mal Pals that there was gonna be a family shindig but I don't think they expected the large quantity of family and neighbours that attended. It was a great night with amazing food, great company and another singsong lead by Geri and Mike Hackett. 

bar fun

birthday cakes

St. Patrick's Day started off with a massive fry and a trip into Oranmore to take a sneak peek at the parade. Aoife and Aisling were leprechauns which the foreign pals enjoyed. We soon headed into town to Duff's house to start off our drinking. There was a Mr. Bean mask, another singsong and almost a bit of poteen. Nicola Crean even joined in on the celebrations, making it look like I had more friends than Stephen Duff. Hoorah! We ventured out into the night soon enough and got separated as I thought would happen. Myself and Duff ate an immense amount of taco chips before meeting everyone back in Electric again. Jives were had and some foreigners got the Irish shift. All you really need on St. Patrick's Day.



Max & Hagan

Rose painting James


Mr.Bean mask

ALL the friends :)


The hangover came next. An amazing roast was had and we headed to Renville once again to properly explore with the boys.

the gang 

 skimming stones

the gang under a tree

Monday came with the departure of dear Max who was leaving Galway to head back to Germany forever. Hagan was going too but we would see him back again in Málaga. We explored Galway, ate some Eddie Rockets and visited the Front Door for some bebidas. After saying our goodbyes to Max and Hagz, we headed home to do some silent disco-ing which I somehow had never done before.

 being cool under Sparch


disco, disco

Our final full day was spent travelling and exploring the Cliffs of Moher. A picnic had to be had and then we got on with seeing what was on offer. It was actually my first time to the cliffs too so we were all tourists. On the way back to Galway, we stopped for a look at the Burren and jumped on some bales. 

We left for Málaga the next day having ticked off most of the things on our ''Things to do in Ireland'' list. I loved having the Mal Pals to visit and hope they come again in the future. MORE GOUJONS GUYS!

Hasta pronto,


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